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FOG FREE+™ Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner for AR Lenses

FOG FREE+™ Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner for AR Lenses

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Highly Effective on All Lenses and AR Coatings: The FOG FREE+ anti-fog spray lens cleaner was developed for safe use on all lenses including those with Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings. FOG FREE+ is great on eyeglasses, sunglasses, sport glasses, helmet shields, dive masks, safety glasses, virtual reality headsets, camera lenses, goggles and more

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  • Clearly See the Difference: FOG FREE+ anti-fog lens cleaner is effective at eliminating fog from your glasses and goggles, leaving you with crystal clear vision. The long lasting formula won't streak or leave residue behind.
  • Perfect for Travel or On-the-Go: Our FOG FREE+ anti-fog treatment comes in a convenient 1 oz spray bottle making it ideal to carry along wherever you go. The compact travel size slips easily into almost any bag or purse making it great for trips or day-to-day use.
  • Defogging Treatment that Lasts: A quick application of FOG FREE+ can last up to 48 hours. No need to worry about constantly reapplying. This nanotech anti-fog lens cleaner formula was originally developed for eyecare professionals and is now also available to consumers to make sure your lenses are always clean and fog free.


1. Spray on both sides of the lens. 2. Gently wipe with a clean, soft cloth. 3. Repeat steps 1-2 for thorough coverage. 4. Reapply when fogging begins to occur.

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