Sunscreen for Your Eyes

Everyone these days seems to realize the importance of sunscreen for their skin, but it amazes me as an Optometric Physician how few patients translate this to their eyes. We know that UV exposure accelerates the formation of cataracts, causes ugly callouses on the front of the eyes known as pinguecula and pterygium, and wrinkles to the skin around the eyes.  UV exposure also damages the retina, particularly in children, who’s lenses have not completely formed to protect the retina from the damaging rays of the sun.  So why the aversion to a solution as simple as sunwear?

Sunwear comes in a variety of options.  Transitions lenses, now in Gen 8, are available in most prescription lenses and allow you the convenience of sunwear without changing your glasses.  True, they don’t get as dark in the car, as your windshield will soak up some of the UV that turns the lens dark, but they are the ultimate in convenience.  Short trips across town, quick ins and outs of buildings and vehicles, even mountain biking and hiking… Transitions are truly “right in any light,” as the tag line says.  They are the ultimate comfort lens solution.

DT_Transitions Tray.jpg

Driving long distances? Long term outdoor exposure?  Water sports?  There is nothing like polarized prescription sunwear for these adventures. Polarized sunwear affords the ultimate experience in comfortable crisp vision.  To polarize a lens a thin horizontal diffraction grating is applied during the manufacturing process that prevents vertical light rays bouncing off surfaces from entering your eyes.  This enhances comfort and sharpens your vision considerably.


Now let’s consider style along with the functionality of sunwear.  Let’s face it, none of us are trying to get by with only one pair of shoes. Why do we try to make one pair of glasses do it all for us?  Your eyes are at least as important as your feet… let’s treat ‘em that way!  From casual to sporty to sophisticated, the options are as endless as your lifestyle and wardrobing needs. 


Don’t need a prescription but need readers?  Consider Maui Readers, the Plano polarized sun lens with built in reading power at the bottom.  Sit outside and read or go into a store and don’t worry about bringing your readers. Hey, no one needs to know your age but you, right?


Bottom line… few prescriptions for health are as fun as sunwear.  At Vision Source RIO, every year to gear our patients up for the summer months, we offer our Summer Sunwear Sale.  Stop by today to update your look, add functionality to your eyewear wardrobe, or just try on the latest styles for fun.  We’re waiting for you!


Jennifer L. Planitz, O.D.